The 3 Cs Rule – Successful Interactions

As announced last week, this weekend I took part in Ab Urbe Condita, a storytelling performance in Parco dell’Appia Antica, Rome.

As my colleagues and I were asked many questions both from the audience and the local news, I got the chance to think about something I recently learned about communication: The 3 Cs Rule. 

Sometimes you find yourself in the condition to speak or write about your project, your story or just you as a professional in order to convince somebody about the value of what your are talking about. You may write a cover letter for an application, pitch a project or meet someone who might be an investor in your carrier. How to communicate at your best? How to “sell” what you want?

Here is where The 3 Cs Rule steps in. The three Cs represents three key aspects that are to keep in mind in these situations.

  1. CounterpartAlways remember that what you are referring to is a specific reality. Don’t write identical cover letters, don’t go to interviews without doing some research on who your counterpart is, what they have done and what they want to do. Listen to them, adapt to them as they were your audience. You will be appreciated for that.
  2. ContextInvestigating your counterpart is important, so it is doing research on the context where your interaction will take place. Culturally, socially, economically. If you speak to them referring to specific elements to which they could relate, you’ll create a connection, a hook.  Hanging on the hook you’ll provide them will help them in understanding what you are saying and to get interested.
  3. ContentOf course, you can’t go there and just talk about nothing. You are there to show how cool you and your project are? Show them some stuff! Bring the things you have done in the past, bring data! Show arguments and charts, give them anything they can relate to, that can prove that what you are telling them is not only the truth, but the only option they can consider!

Never go unprepared!

But, most of all, go there full of enthusiasm for whatever project, job or story you are going to talk about! Don’t forget to pass on them the same sparkle you felt when you first got excited about the project!

They’d surely fall for you!



2 thoughts on “The 3 Cs Rule – Successful Interactions

  1. Ciao Aurora
    Sai che ti ho scritto qualcosa ieri?! Che però non ti inviato per alcuni motivi…
    Un Blocchino di vergogna
    L’ italiano male
    Troppa roba per dire così nel primo e-mail
    Altro però…
    Questo regola me aiuterai scrivere meglio nella prossima volta.
    Ti volevo chiedere se posso stesso cosi ti inviare quello che ti ho scritto?
    Non lo so ancora s è dentro di questa regola delle 3 C, cosi me dai un parere.
    Sono Brasiliano


  2. Ho sbagliato nell inizio, volevo dire…
    Sai che ieri ti avevo scritto che però non ti ho inviato per alcuni motivi…
    Ho visto anche che una frase s’ è trasformata in inglese.
    Anche, avevo scritto
    L’ italiano male e n è diventata
    L’ inglese maschio. Buffo!
    Comunque è amorevole questa regola delle 3 C


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