Casting call – Attori cercasi

One Sunday afternoon I was having lunch in a restaurant with my dad. There I saw a nice couple sharing a quiet and blissful Sunday moment. One of them was a trans person. I remembered feeling glad about the normality that pervaded me in that moment.

Last Christmas Eve I saw a prostitute hitting the road. And I remember thinking: “How will her Christmas be like?”.

After these two experiences of mine, I created Merry Xmas, a short film that I am going to shoot this winter. I wrote the script some months ago, but I started production only these days.

I am happy and proud to have gained consent and interest from the LGBT community, and I am preparing to work with real actors e professionals, both trans and cisgender.

I will probably start a campaign to fund the film but, in the meanwhile, I am still in the casting process.

I am looking for a male actor, from 35 to 50 years old who would like to join our colorful team for a couple of day shooting. If you are interested, please write me and send me your cv. 

I think we can make great things together, even starting from a small basis.

I am a filmmaker.

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