Casting call – Attori cercasi

One Sunday afternoon I was having lunch in a restaurant with my dad. There I saw a nice couple sharing a quiet and blissful Sunday moment. One of them was a trans person. I remembered feeling glad about the normality that pervaded me in that moment.

Last Christmas Eve I saw a prostitute hitting the road. And I remember thinking: “How will her Christmas be like?”.

After these two experiences of mine, I created Merry Xmas, a short film that I am going to shoot this winter. I wrote the script some months ago, but I started production only these days.

I am happy and proud to have gained consent and interest from the LGBT community, and I am preparing to work with real actors e professionals, both trans and cisgender.

I will probably start a campaign to fund the film but, in the meanwhile, I am still in the casting process.

I am looking for a male actor, from 35 to 50 years old who would like to join our colorful team for a couple of day shooting. If you are interested, please write me and send me your cv. 

I think we can make great things together, even starting from a small basis.

I am a filmmaker.

The Power of Storytelling

One of the first essential elements of human nature is the need of stories and, consequently, of storytelling. We have been telling each other stories since we lived in grottos and, still today in 2015, stories are one of the most powerful ways to communicate, teach and learn.

As storyteller and writer David Campbell says: “Stories are a gift that will never break, every time you give it away it will be better, you can give it away and you’ll still have it but it won’t be no use if you don’t give it away.”

Stories have been the centre of my world since I was a child: I’ve collected them, created them and expressed my desperate need to share them through any channel I felt could be suitable, from writing to comics, from photos to films. Every time the power of the stories, their characters and structures were inescapably connected to the technique through which they were shared.

I have recently experienced the most antique technique for sharing stories: Storytelling. You find a story you want to share with others, you relate to it and to your audience, and you create pictures and actions through oral narration, in order to transfer these images and emotions to others.

To me storytelling is very similar to cinema, the most powerful tool to tell stories. There is structure, script, picturing, editing but, unlike in movies, there is immediacy and participation. It’s like your audience was with you while you were shooting your film. And every time is different.

I have never experienced such a powerful connection with myself, my audience and nature itself. I felt a better human being, a better narrator and, so, a better filmmaker.

I am a Storyteller.

Why writing through light?

Since I was a child I have been looking for the best ways to tell stories. For many years, now, I have been writing with light.

I have learned the principles of storytelling and filmmaking and I have been using them to create visual stories since 2009. Documentaries, short films, music videos and scripts are channels through which I share stories with others, looking for enlightenment and entertainment.

Not only I work on my own projects, but also help other artists in editing their stories and producing their projects.

I am a screenwriter and a story editor, and here is where you can learn more about my work.

I hope you might enjoy your visit, and feel free to contact me to share your thoughts.