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Since I was a child I have been looking for the best ways to tell stories. For many years, now, I have been writing with light.

I have learned the principles of storytelling and filmmaking and I have been using them to create visual stories since 2009. Documentaries, short films, music videos and scripts are channels through which I share stories with others, looking for enlightenment and entertainment.

Not only I work on my own projects, but also help other artists in editing their stories and producing their projects.

I worked during the first edition at MIA (International Audiovisual Market) as a coordinator and a translator, and I spent three months in RAI (Italian Public Broadcaster) where I learned the principles of story editing.

I studied screenwriting, filmmaking, production and documentary.

I am a screenwriter and a story editor, and here is where you can learn more about my work.

I hope you might enjoy your visit, and feel free to contact me to share your thoughts.

Here you can find my LinkedIn profile to check my detailed resume.

Aurora Profile

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